The largest project in our portfolio

We had a unique opportunity to create from scratch the luxurious brand Phenomé. We led the brand to record-setting results and global recognition in its category. We also developed its successful international retail concept throught a chain of dedicated stores and franchising. Three years after the launch the Phenomé brand, with its 139 amazing natural products and several flagship stores in Europe and Asia, holds a highly noticeable position among organic brands in today’s global marketplace, achieving higher per SKU profits than competitive products.

The brand has received many awards for its sophisticated design and exceptional product quality, and has been recognized by top beauty buyers and upscale retailers: Selfridges & CO, House of Frazer, Douglas, Ahlens, SASA (Hong Kong).

Phenomé awards:

  • “Best Beauty Buys 2013”, “Best Beauty Buys 2012”, “Best Beauty Buys 2011” (InStyle)
  • “The Best of the year 2011” (Swedish KING Magazine)
  • „Excellence of the Year 2010” (Your Style Magazine)
  • “Golden Seal of Nature 2011” (VII Forum of Natural Cosmetics, Spa and Wellness)
  • “Beauty TOP 15″ – The Best Packaging (futu IDEAS)
  • „Must Have” (Festival of Lodz Design 2011)